After 65 hours of waiting, Liverpool receive PGMOL response about VAR audio

Liverpool have been awaiting answers on how Luis Diaz’s goal was disallowed since the traumatic events inside the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and now there’s been a major update on proceedings.

As reported by Neil Jones on X: ‘Liverpool are now in receipt of the VAR audio from Saturday’s game at Tottenham, and will take the time necessary to review’.

Seeing as this social media post came around 65 hours after the full-time whistle in London, it’s hard not to think of what could have been done to the file in the meantime.

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The story of a misunderstood check for a goal and not one that had already been ruled out for offside has already been widely spread, now the audio must match the story.

Quite how it can take so long for this to be released is unfathomable and now we can only await what the club say once they have reviewed it thoroughly, which we’re sure they will.

It’s likely that VAR Darren England and linesman Dan Cook will be the most scrutinised, with no irony being lost that they were also the only two members of the team who officiated in the UAE just 48 hours before our meeting with Spurs.

Whether we will ever get access to the audio is unknown at this point but after a mistake so public and so damaging, transparency would be the best way to restore faith in the PGMOL.

Howard Webb has also remained staggeringly quiet and now that it’s not talking about how great he and his peers are, the former South Yorkshire Police Sergeant has took a step back from the media.
You can view the confirmation of the VAR audio release via @neiljonesgoal on X:


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