Tottenham Hotspur are going to have a big say in who wins the Premier League title this season.

On Sunday, Ange Postecoglou and his players showcased their attacking might when they dispatched their top-four rivals Aston Villa 4-0.

The Premier League’s top three – either still have to visit Hotspur Way or welcome them before the end of the campaign.

But Paul Merson thinks all three teams will want to play the Champions League-chasing side because they will open the game up, as he told Soccer Special on sky sport(12/03/24 at 7:10 pm).

The former Arsenal player added, ‘I don’t mean this disrespectfully’, but he also doesn’t see those title-chasing teams fearing  Tottenham

During the reverse fixtures, Spurs are unbeaten against every one of those sides, including beating Liverpool in that controversial fixture.

And given the intense nature of the north London derby and Pep Guardiola’s record against Tottenham, you wouldn’t be surprised if something unscripted happens here.

Tottenham against Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City

“I think Daws (Michael Dawson), with the Tottenham one, and I don’t mean this disrespectfully to Tottenham,” said Merson

“All three would want to play Tottenham because Tottenham would have a go. They don’t have to break 10 players down and everyone sits behind the ball, like we see at Brentford. It’s hard work. Tottenham will come and have a go, it doesn’t matter who they are playing.

“I think that suits all three of them teams. I know what you are saying that they might win one of them games – I don’t think any of them will be fearful of playing Tottenham and I don’t mean that disrespectfully because Tottenham are a good team. It plays into their hands.”

Michael Dawson added: “I think they will, I honestly believe that (pick up points against the top three) – I think they will look at that, the three teams, Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal, they will think ‘we can lose this game’. They could quite easily win it, like you said. But I think they will be scared.”

Fans have seen what happens when a few of them are injured, it can prove to be problematic because the club’s front foot and no-fear style of play doesn’t have any brakes.

fans will have their fingers crossed that it’s just a precaution with the Dutchman because he is crucial to the team playing such a high line.

With Spurs chasing Champions League football and their rivals pushing for the title, you just know someone will end up spoiling the other’s party.


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