Tottenham fans stunned after Guglielmo Vicario revealed what he had as his phone Lock Screen

Tottenham goalkeeper Guglielmo Vicario showed off what was on his phone’s lock screen in a new video – and fans were left surprised.

The Italian shot-stopper was signed by Spurs at the beginning of the season as the replacement for Hugo Lloris, who subsequently left to join LAFC at the start of January.

Vicario has impressed onlookers with his shot-stopping abilities and his willingness to sprint off his line to cut out attacking moves.

The latter was proven none more so than in the 4-1 defeat against Chelsea, where the 27-year-old was often the last line of defence as Ange Postecoglou‘s side adopted a high line
Vicario starred in Tottenham’s latest social media video, which challenged players to show what was on their phone lock screens.
You can watch Vicario’s surprising reveal before.
Vicario showed that his phone lock screen is of the comic book character Venom, which appears in Marvel comics.

Venom is an alien symbiote who appears in the SpiderMan series, and who has to bond with a human host – originally SpiderMan himself – in order to survive.

When asked why he chose the comic villain as his phone lock screen, Vicario replied: “Every time, Venom. Every time.”

One fan wrote: “Vicario might be one of my fave Tottenham players ever hahahahaha.”
Another pointed out: “Think Vicario is the only one without a case there. Knew he was unhinged.”

The actual reason behind his choice may stem back to the goalkeeper’s own nickname of the same name, which he earned while he was playing in Italy.

Upon signing for Spurs, he explained: “It’s by two guys from the broadcaster DAZN, in Italy.

“They told me, ‘When you play sometimes, you get angry, you feel angry, so feel like Venom’. Also, Venom starts with V, Vicario starts with V.”

The Italian added: “I shout, maybe. My facial expression can change in some critical moments of the game.
It wasn’t just the action on the pitch that stunned fans online as people couldn’t believe who was on commentary duty for Sky Sports.

After the match, Sky Sports released highlights for the fixture which was aired live by Amazon Prime.

And Martin Tyler was on commentary for Sky Sports, leaving fans in disbelief.

One X user wrote: “Why am i hearing Martin Tyler on Sky Sports Premier League highlights for the Spurs vs Brighton game?”

A second tweeted: “For some reason here in the U.S. Martin Tyler is commentating this game. Very weird.”

A third added: “Martin Tyler on Sky Sports highlights,” accompanied with the infamous Ian Wright meme.

The legendary commentator left the company following 33 years of service back in June, with Peter Drury replacing him.

But the reason why the 78-year-old was on commentary for Sky Sports despite his departure is because he still works for the Premier League.

That means he still commentates for the World Feed for the likes of SuperSport and HubPremier.

Peacock also uses the World Feed, unless they appoint Jon Champion or Peter Drury for the bigger fixtures.

Tyler recently spoke about his Sky Sports exit as he claimed he was axed from his role rather than him stepping down.

“I didn’t step down, I was stepped down,” he told The Sun.

“I haven’t retired. I’m very grateful to some channels who have decided that I’ve still got something to contribute.”

Tyler added: “Please don’t think there’s any bitterness about Sky at all, they gave me a wonderful run.”







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