“Another problem for spur manager on the next clash” Ange Postecoglou not’HAPPY’ from what he’s hearing from his star boy recently

Ange Postecoglou has been speaking to the press today and had his say on the idea of football introducing sin-bins.

The idea of temporarily removing a player from the field is being discussed and it would mirror something similar we see in Rugby.

This season has seen every club, including Tottenham, be on the right and wrong end of an increasing number of VAR calls and more. It’s causing talking points after every game and the idea of a sin-bin would add to the discussion.

And speaking to the press today, Tottenham boss Postecoglou has said the idea needs to get in the bin.

Ange Postecoglou does not want sin-bins in football

In a comment shared by The Evening Standard’s Dan Kilpatrick, Postecoglou made no secret of his thoughts on the matter.

“Bin it mate, bin the whole idea. Just forget about it. I don’t know why they [Ifab] keep interjecting themselves into the game. There’s not that much wrong with the game,” Postecoglou said.

Another problem for the game

The idea of sin bins can be a good one on paper but the reality is it just introduces yet another element of decision making for referees and something else for fans to moan about after.

There’ll be a few decisions given and then suddenly we’ll have pundits, fans and managers moaning about whether or not it was a sin-bin offence or not.

As Ange says, the best idea would be to just bin the idea off itself and leave the game alone.

Football is already treading on thin ice with a lot of the current rulings and changes and introducing something like this just makes it worse.


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