“With less effort”his performance is not up to scratch and the manager let to know he’s disappointed on 26-years-old spur star

Tottenham beat Fulham 2-0 on Monday evening, but it wasn’t all plain sailing for Ange Postecoglou’s side.

Indeed, while Spurs managed to beat their London rivals this week, their performance in the second-half wasn’t up to scratch, and the manager let the players know it at certain points.
Speaking on the Gold and Guest Talk Tottenham Podcast, Rob Guest has been discussing what he saw from the press box during the game, and he says he noticed that Postecoglou was fuming with Richarlison at one point during the game as the Brazilian tried to control the ball in an unorthodox way in order to show off rather than keeping it simple.

Postecoglou was angry with Richarlison

Guest shared what he noticed about the Tottenham manager and Richarlison.

“Yeah, as you were saying, Ange was not impressed at one point. The 71st minute, Hojbjerg had the ball and spread it to Richarlison, it bounced, a bit of showboating, controlling it with his shoulder instead of chesting it. Fulham get the ball and Ange is raging at that point, hands in the air, saying what’s going on here, just do the basics,” Guest said.

Richarlison can’t do that

As fun as it is to see players try these types of touches and play with freedom, if there’s any player that can’t afford to do this type of thing at Tottenham, it’s Richarlison.

The Brazilian, in all honesty, is skating on thin ice at Spurs at the moment. His place in the starting XI is far from safe, and if he gets on the wrong side of the manager, it may not be long before he’s out of the team once again.

Maybe a player like James Maddison could get away with trying something like this, but Richarlison doesn’t have that type of credit in the bank right now.





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