The outstanding player to return immediately,playing midfield looks like a recipe for success to us- Ange confirmed

Tottenham have started this season absolutely brilliantly, but the scary thing is that things could still get even better.

Indeed, while Spurs have been fantastic so far, they’re not operating at full capacity quite yet.

Brennan Johnson is yet to be blooded into this team, while Rodrigo Bentancur hasn’t played under Ange Postecoglou yet due to injury.

Speaking on Premier League Productions, Clinton Morrison has tipped Bentancur to return to the team once he’s back fit, claiming that the Uruguayan is an outstanding player.


Bentancur to return immediately

Morrison spoke about Spurs’ midfield options.

“Bissouma and Sarr. They look good. I’m not getting excited,” Morrison said.

Morrison was then reminded about the presence of Rodrigo Bentancur in this Spurs team, and he stated that he will be straight back in the XI upon his return.

“Oh yeah, Bentancur plays, Bentancur plays with Bissouma, he’s an outstanding player. Top four here we go,” Morrison added.

Imagine that midfield

We’re some way off seeing Bentancur back in this Spurs team, but we can’t help but get excited about the idea of the South American coming into this setup.

Bentancur and Bissouma playing behind James Maddison in the midfield looks like a recipe for success to us, and while we don’t know what Bentancur will be like upon his return from what was a serious injury, we’re excited to see what he can do when he’s back in this team.

Bentancur was one of Tottenham’s better players before his injury, and if he can return in the same sort of form, Spurs will only continue to climb the table.





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