‘He’s like a runner’: James Maddison says £20m Newcastle player is absolutely rapid

The new EA FC game releases later this month, and we’re currently getting a sneak peak at some of the players’ stats in the game.

Indeed, a number of players’ stats are now being released, and, as always, this is a topic of huge debate within the footballing world.

Speaking on the England YouTube channel, James Maddison and a few of his other teammates have been discussing some of the controversial stats from this year’s game, and one player’s pace has ruffled Maddison’s feathers.

Callum Wilson has been given a pace rating of just 80, and, as you can imagine, Maddison didn’t quite agree with his England teammate’s attributes here.

Maddison says that Wilson is actually much faster than that, describing the Newcastle striker as being like a runner.

Wilson is rapid

Maddison spoke about the £20m man’s pace.

“80 pace? Callum Wilson? Is that alright? No, he’s like a runner, To be honest I would never have guessed Callum Wilson,” Maddison said.

Very quick

While a pace rating of 80 isn’t bad at all, we have to agree with Maddison that Wilson should have a higher rating.

The Newcastle striker is truly rapid. He’s brilliant at getting in behind defences, and there’s a reason he scored bags of goals last season.

Wilson is genuinely one of the quicker players in the Premier League, and we have to argue that EA have gotten it wrong on this occasion.

Luckily, Wilson’s peers are jumping to his defence and, as Maddison says, his rating should be higher.


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