‘Definitely’: Journalist shares who Spurs will hire if Paratici has a say now after having his ban altered

Fabio Paratici would tell Tottenham to hire top manager Luis Enrique if he was once again consulted on this matter.

Paratici’s ban from footballing activities has been slightly altered now meaning that he can carry out certain tasks within the game.

Of course, he has resigned from Spurs, but he remains a close confidant of Daniel Levy, and there is every chance that the Tottenham chairman seeks out his help on this matter as the managerial search goes from bad to worse.

Speaking on the Gold and Guest Talk Tottenham Podcast, Alasdair Gold has stated that if Paratici were to get a say on this matter once again, then Spurs would definitely be hiring Luis Enrique.

Enrique would be Paratici’s pick

Gold shared his verdict on Paratici and Enrique.

“Technically, legally I think he can go back to Fabio Paratici now, because Paratici had the FIFA element of his ban partially reduced, so he can do certain tasks. He could go back to Paratici and say that I need your advice. If he does that they will definitely end up with Luis Enrique, from what I understand Luis Enrique was the very top of Paratici’s list. If Spurs end up with Luis Enrique, Paratici has said ‘him please.’ Let’s be honest, if they do go back to Paratici it will not be a good look,” Gold said.

Surely not

While Daniel Levy could go and consult Fabio Paratici at this point from a legal standpoint, as Gold says, it wouldn’t be a good look to go and seek the Italian’s advice.

Simply put, Tottenham need to move on. The Paratici-era is over, and, in all honesty, that may be a good thing.

Look at the two appointments Paratici made at Spurs, Nuno Espirito Santo and Antonio Conte were both disasters, and it’s hard to trust Paratici to make a wise call here.

Levy shouldn’t be calling Paratici anytime soon.





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