Disheartening!!! Tottenham set to miss another match starter for the rest of the season after Lloris due to injury

Tottenham are having no luck at all at the moment.

On the pitch, they’ve been incredibly unlucky recently. Against Manchester United they missed golden chances to win the game at the death, while we don’t need to tell you just how unlucky the Lilywhites were against Liverpool at the weekend.

Now, they’re even having bad luck in the treatment room too. According to The Evening Standard, Hugo Lloris may be out for the rest of the season, while they also report that another notable Tottenham player will not play again this term.

Indeed, it is also reported that Ryan Sessegnon will not play again this season due to injuries.

Sadly, it’s not all that surprising to hear that Sessegnon will be out for the rest of the season with injury. After all, he’s spent the vast majority of his time at Tottenham on the sideline with some sort of injury.

It’s a real shame. The ‘fantastic’ left-footer looked like he was a real superstar in the making during his time at Fulham, but he’s been unable to get any semblance of a footing at Spurs so far as he’s struggled for form, fitness and even a permanent position.

He’s been used as a winger, a left-back and even a wing-back, and sadly, he’s not looked comfortable in any of those positions under any of his managers.

He’s still very young so you can’t write him off just yet, but it does feel as though he needs to step up a level soon or his future at Tottenham could be in doubt.





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