Tottenham fans with devastating Harry Kane update which nobody saw coming

Tottenham fans were recently given a major update on the potential return of Harry Kane to the club. The England captain left his childhood team to join Bayern Munich last summer, with only a year left on his contract and no indication of an extension.

The decision by Spurs chairman Daniel Levy to sell their star player just before the start of the 2023/24 season came as a shock, but it likely came with a number of benefits. One of those benefits was hinted at earlier this week when it was announced that Tottenham would host Bayern in a pre-season friendly at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in August.

There had been talk of a buy-back clause after Kane’s departure, but transfer expert Fabrizio Romano shed some light on the situation. According to Romano, there is no traditional buy-back clause in place, but rather a gentleman’s agreement between the two clubs. If Bayern decide to sell Kane in the future, Tottenham will be informed of the decision.
Despite the possibility of Kane returning to Spurs one day, it seems unlikely, especially as Bayern’s chances of winning more trophies diminish. Bayern’s recent defeat to Borussia Dortmund extended Bayer Leverkusen’s lead at the top of the table to 13 points, making winning the Champions League the only hope for Kane this season. Bayern will face Arsenal in the upcoming rounds, with the potential for Kane to be knocked out of Europe by his former club’s bitter rivals.
Tottenham fans have been sent a huge update regarding the possibility of Harry Kane sealing a sensational return. The England captain departed his boyhood club to sign for Bayern Munich this past summer with just 12 months left on his contract and no clear indication he would sign an extension.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy selling his star player just a few days before the 2023/24 season was a surprise, however such a decision likely meant they were a number of incentives. One of those was potentially confirmed earlier this week as it was announced the Lilywhites will welcome Bayern to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for a pre-season friendly in August.

“More than a traditional buy-back clause, from what I’m hearing it’s more of a gentleman’s agreement between the clubs where if they decide to sell Harry Kane in the future, Tottenham will be made aware of the decision.

“This is the discussion that took place between Bayern and Tottenham, but it’s not a traditional buy-back clause where you can go there and put down the money and the player is coming back the following day, I don’t think it’s an automatic clause, but more of a gentleman’s agreement.”
Despite that, Kane returning to Spurs one day, while possible, is seemingly unlikely especially with his Bayern trophy hopes decreasing. Over the weekend, Bayern were beaten by Borussia Dortmund which meant Bayer Leverkusen extended their lead at the top to 13 points.


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