Richarlison opens up on his battle with depression and having ‘dark’ thoughts about death

Brazil and Tottenham striker Richarlison has spoken about his battle with depression following the World Cup in Qatar
The 26-year-old said he suffered from dark thoughts and was ready to “give up” after the 2022 tournament
Richarlison added that he had started going to therapy, stressing that it was “a great discovery”

The best thing I’ve ever done in my life
” lives
” He told ESPN Brazil: “Before going to practice, I wanted to go home, I wanted to go back to my room because… I didn’t know what I was thinking
I even went to tell my dad that me “It’s a bit sad to talk like that, you know
What I went through after the World Cup, discovering things back home from people who have lived with me for over seven years
It’s crazy
“Going up to my dad, who was chasing my dreams with me, and saying, ‘Dad, I want to give up,’ that was crazy
” Richarlison was Brazil’s top scorer in Qatar, scoring three goals in four matches, but after the tournament he likened his team’s quarter-final penalty elimination to Croatia to a shock “worse than even losing a family member
” The Spurs striker continued: “I’ve just played a World Cup, man, in my prime
I’ve reached my limit, you know
I don’t know, I won’t talk about suicide, but I got bored there and wanted to give up
“Even I, who seemed mentally strong
After the World Cup, everything seemed to fall apart

” I think the therapist, whether I like it or not, saved me, saved my life
I was just thinking about nonsense
Even on Google I just search for bullshit, I just want to see bullshit about death
“Today I would say, find a psychologist, if you need a psychologist, find one because you can be that open, talk to that person
“Today a [psychologist] came to thank me for bringing this into the world of football, into the world, even off the field, because it is so important and, whether we like it or not, it will save lives
“Before I had this prejudice, I thought it was unreasonable, I thought I was crazy
“In my family, there are people who think that everyone who goes to a psychologist is considered crazy, they think they are crazy
But I discovered this and think it’s awesome
“The best, truly the best discovery I’ve ever had in my life


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