Gabriel Agbonlahor is not happy after hearing news coming out of Tottenham

Gabriel Agbonlahor criticized Tottenham Hotspur yesterday after they announced an increase in season ticket prices
Spurs announced yesterday that season ticket prices for the 2024-25 season will be increased by 6%
Tottenham attributed this price increase to a “significant increase in match day expenses,” but it is no exaggeration to say that this news did not make a good impression among fans
The club’s fan club has since released a statement saying they “regret” the decision
Now, Gabriel Agbonlahor has criticized the Tottenham board, telling them to start delivering silverware before increasing ticket prices
Agbonlahor dissatisfied with Tottenham’s season ticket price hike Agbonlahor reacts to talkSPORT’s announcement yesterday
“What I don’t like is that money is hard for people out there
I have friends in London who can’t even get on the property ladder
The prices in London are ridiculous,” says the former Aston Villa striker
“If you go there and do the grocery store, the prices are crazy
The bills are going up
When people who are die-hard fans spend their extra money to watch the games, the prices go up
Prices will be raised
This can cause certain people to go over budget
“As you say, it’s a rich club that can’t even win trophies, but yes, the football is better, it’s more exciting football
But wait, how many trophies does Spurs have before they go up 6%
” The most expensive Junior Season Ticket is £606 and the cheapest Junior Season Ticket is £428
I can’t help but think that Tottenham’s transfer was unnecessary, and it’s natural for fans to be angry
Given the cost of living crisis currently affecting fans attending matches, it’s safe to assume that clubs are better prepared to cope with rising costs than the average fan
Just when it looked like Daniel Levy and the Tottenham board were trying to win back fans, this announcement will undoubtedly damage the bridge that has built








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