He is fully garbage yesterday,He’s been poor,they have been poor…Footage shows heung min son crying after the end of the match.. Heung min son now react to News coming out of reporter yesterday

Tottenham dropped to the 5th spot after suffering a 2-1 defeat at home to Wolves earlier today.

The match saw Spurs conceding just before half-time, as an unmarked Joao Gomes scored with a close-range header, giving Wolves the lead.

However, Spurs quickly responded after the break, with Dejan Kulusevski equalising minutes into the second half.

But despite the brief resurgence, Wolves continued to pose a threat on the counter, and eventually scored again, with Gomes getting his brace from a brilliant Pedro Neto assist.

A post-match clip shared by a fan on social platform X captured Tottenham captain Heung-min Son leaving the pitch with a visible sense of disappointment, appearing sullen and seemingly in tears.

Son, who didn’t have his best game, was visibly heartbroken about the loss.







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