Tottenham Top Defender micky van de ven,left the Fans stunned after he left Hidden message on instagram as he fire Alasdair Gold

Journalist Alasdair Gold has now taken a second to recall an incident involving Tottenham Hotspur’s Micky van de Ven last weekend.

In what has proved to be a very busy January for Tottenham, the club rounded off a successful few weeks with a trip to Manchester United before their short winter break.

Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

Spurs dominated the 2-2 draw, but ultimately failed to win the game.

And part of the blame was owed to some lapses in concentration at the back, something Ange Postecoglou will be keen to eradicate.

That being said, Micky van de Ven did try to take things into his own hands for the side upon his return to the XI.

Speaking on ‘Gold & Guest Talk Tottenham’, Gold noticed that van de Ven was going absolutely mad at Rodrigo Bentancur.

The defender wasn’t happy with Bentancur’s attempts to track back, which produced a rare moment of rage.

Alasdair Gold noticed Micky van de Ven scolding Tottenham teammate Rodrigo Bentancur

Gold said: “I just remembered on Van de Ven, there was one moment where he was going absolutely mad at, I can’t remember if it was Bentancur or another midfielder, someone who wasn’t tracking back.

“And Bentancur had to go to him and say and just calm, calm down it’s OK kind of thing which is very unusual for Van de Ven.

Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
“We don’t usually see him as the ranter type but he was really having a go.”
Of course, with all the excellent football Tottenham are playing right now, they will need to develop this side of their game.

Although Cristian Romero may suggest otherwise, there’s still the feeling that Spurs’ are too honest in their approach, they can improve how they manage games.

A natural leader

It is quite remarkable to think how off-the-radar van de Ven was for a lot of English clubs before Spurs brought him to the Premier League.

The Dutch defender has been an absolute revelation, and his untimely injury still must be a big frustration for Postecoglou.

Whether it’s alongside Romero or Radu Dragusin, the 22-year-old should be a stalwart of this Spurs side for years to come.

And perhaps to back up Gold’s point about van de Ven being angry with £22mBentancur, Postecoglou was also so frustrated with one piece of petulance by the Tottenham player.


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