‘He sent me off’: Callum Wilson finally shares what he actually Said to the Tottenham goal keeper

The striker and the goalkeeper appeared to have words on the pitch, and Wilson was very clear after the game that he felt the goalkeeper had disrespected him.
Vicario was pulling faces at Wilson during the game, and tensions boiled over after the match with both players getting involved in a disagreement.
Speaking on the Footballer’s Football Podcast, Callum Wilson has been discussing this incident, and he’s shared what he actually said to Vicario on the pitch
What Wilson said to Vicario

The Newcastle striker shared his side of the story.

“Listen, let’s just get it out of the way you know what it’s like in the heat of the moment. I was stopping the goalkeeper playing out quick and trash-talking as you do, and at the end of the game, 4-1 down, the game is done. I have a header and he starts pulling faces and I said ‘what are you doing that for? You’re 4-1 up relax. Show some respect. Chill.’ Then he just started talking rubbish, I just switched, and I wasn’t having this, he set me off. Then you put me in front of a camera and I got annoyed,” Wilson said.