Ange postecoglou has told players who next tottenham manager will be

Ange Postecoglou has only been at Tottenham for two minutes, and he’s already being linked with another job.

Indeed, there has now been a bit of chatabout Postecoglou eventually ending up at Manchester City, with Gary Neville addingmore fuel to that fire over the weekend.

Speaking on the Optus Sport Football Podcast, Michael Bridges has been discussing these links, and he says that as a Spurs fan, he’s gutted to hear that Postecoglou may be catching City’s eye.

Ange Postecoglou

Bridges gutted Ange is being looked at

The pundit reacted to the suggestion that Postecoglou is on City’s radar.

I mentioned it three weeks prior that Ange Postecoglou would’ve been catching the eye of the City group, and now Gary Neville has come out with those quotes and it’s getting traction, anyone getting Ange linked with Man City would be tremendously delighted, but as a Spurs man, I’m gutted,” Bridges said.

“For Gary Neville to say it it is getting a lot of traction in the UK, and I’m sure Ange would be thrilled about it, but he always likes to finish his projects, and his project is Spurs.”

Bound to happen

As much as we hate to say it, this was always bound to happen.

Postecoglou is playing an incredible style of football that every fan in the country has been impressed by, and the top clubs will be on notice now.

Unfortunately, Tottenham are still not at that same level as the City’s of this world, and if the Premier League champions do think that Postecoglou is the answer post-Pep, it may not be too difficult for City to go and pinch Postecoglou from north London.

Of course, Pep Guardiola isn’t set to leave City anytime soon, and plenty can change between now and then, but perhaps this is something that Spurs fans should keep in the back of their minds.







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