“Two huge players to go”he has been struggling with his ankle. Reliable sources confirm the players will be out of next clash

Tottenham lost 4-1 to Chelsea on Monday, but perhaps the most worrying thing to come from that game were two injury scares.

Micky Van de Ven and James Maddison both had to come off due to injury issues, and, sadly, this was all too predictable.

Van de Ven is an absolutely rapid player, so he was always going to be susceptible to hamstring problems, while James Maddison has reportedly been playing through injury for a little while now.

Indeed, speaking on the Gold and Guest Talk Tottenham Podcast, Alasdair Gold says that Maddison has been struggling with his ankle for a period now.

Maddison has struggled with his ankle

Gold shared what he knows about the ‘incredible’ midfielder.

“Two huge players to go. With Maddison he has been struggling with his ankle. I don’t think he’s been training too much recently because of it, to go down with no contact, that’s quite worrying. It’s one of those where maybe it just needs a rest or maybe it needs some surgery, hopefully it’s not the latter,” Gold said.


We can only hope that Maddison will be back fit and available for selection as soon as possible, because he’s absolutely vital to this Tottenham team.

Make no mistake about it, the England international may well be Spurs’ most important player, and without him in the side, their creativity could fall through the floor.

Ankle problems are very complicated, and if surgery is needed, this could be season-altering for Spurs.

The fact that Maddison has been playing through injury lately is a testament to his determination, and also a testament to his ability as we never would’ve guessed that he’s been struggling for fitness as he’s been playing brilliantly lately.

Let’s hope that Maddison is back fit and firing before we even notice he’s been out of the team.






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