That player is ERRATIC,very easy to deceive,I’m very happy he will be on the pitch on Monday as my prediction will be very right

Pundits disagree on Tottenham vs Chelsea prediction as Pochettino factor hands Postecoglou doubt

Tottenham vs Chelsea news as pundits remain split on outcome of Monday’s London derby with Mauricio Pochettino returning to his former club for the first time

On the face of it there should be little to ponder over for a game between the team in second and one in 12th but that’s not always how this works. On form Tottenham are the better team, on paper they look more assured and experienced and in the dugout there is less pressure.

Chelsea, on the other hand, have it all to prove. They are on the backfoot heading into the game despite it being a fixture they have had a lot of success in recently and are yet to beat a side above them in the table. In fact, the 2-0 win at Stamford Bridge over Spurs in 2022 was the last time they came out on top against a genuine top four rival.

It is for this reason, and the sense that things are better than they look for Mauricio Pochettino’s men, that former Arsenal attacker Paul Merson can see the Blues coming out of top regardless. “I’ll be there in North London for this one and I don’t see Chelsea getting beaten,” he wrote in his SportsKeeda column.


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