I can do better than Tottenham if they can do without two of their key players,Roy Hodgson name the key players

Ange Postecoglou is earning all the plaudits in the world at the moment after helping Tottenham transform this season.

The wider footballing world has well and truly fallen in love with the Australian over the past few months, and he’s been viewed as the best thing since sliced bread in north London.

However, according to Roy Hodgson, there’s still something about Postecoglou that is going unnoticed.

Speaking on the Optus Sport Football Podcast, Hodgson stated that Postecoglou’s actual leadership skills are going under the radar, claiming that some are putting it down to the fact he just has more athletic players at Tottenham now.

Postecoglou’s leadership underrated

Hodgson spoke about his opponent this weekend.

“Well, he’s done a fantastic job, there’s no doubt about that. He’s brought in leadership skills as well and that’s probably partially unnoticed because people want to put it down to the fact he’s got some very athletic players now and they can press more from the front than they could in the past,” Hodgson said.

“I know him a bit and his style, that’s something Tottenham have needed as well, he’s taken it back to the playing field, what needs to be done, how they play the game, he’ll get behind them and back them up, and away from the more aggressive stance that a Mourinho or a Conte might’ve had. He’s brought it back to a more team-like environment.”

Postecoglou is a fantastic leader

It goes without saying that Postecoglou is one of the very best leaders in the Premier League.

Not only does he keep his players grounded, he’ll also step in to protect his players when it’s needed.

His handling of the Richarlison situation after the player himself spoke about his struggles on the pitch was brilliant, and he’s way more than just a tactician.

Postecoglou is a brilliantly well-rounded manager, and we can’t help but love everything about him.


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