Kazim-Richards shared his verdict on the spur striker after hearing the news coming out of Tottenham

Richarlison is a divisive figure in world football.

The Brazilian is very much a marmite player, even within his own fanbase. Based on who you ask, he’s either an incredibly hard-working forward who does a lot for the team, or a striker who just doesn’t score enough.

The Richarlison conundrum is a difficult one to get to grips with, because it’s clear that the talent is in there somewhere.

The striker is absolutely fantastic whenever he plays for Brazil, but, for some reason, he can’t put it all together for Tottenham.

Speaking on the Filthy Fellas Podcast, Colin Kazim-Richards has come to a similar conclusion about the 26-year-old, claiming that he isn’t the same player for Tottenham as he is for Brazil due to his surroundings, positioning and treatment.

Richarlison a totally different player

Kazim-Richards shared his verdict on the striker.

“Yeah but Richarlison was the number one pick because Gabriel Jesus was injured during the World Cup. Hear me out, the Richarlison playing for Tottenham isn’t the same as the Richarlison for Brazil. I know that doesn’t mean anything for Tottenham, but you have to understand, when he goes to Brazil how are they treating him? What’s he around? What position is he playing? When he plays for Tottenham is he on the left or as a striker? Which one?” Kazim-Richards said.


Richarlison may well be the most Jekyll and Hyde footballer in the world.

For Brazil, he’s absolutely lethal, he plays with a confidence and a panache that we haven’t seen at club level since he arrived with Watford all those years ago.

However, for Spurs, he’s played with fear for most of his Tottenham career, scared to make a mistake and scared to play his natural game.

Luckily, he has improved in recent weeks, and long may that continue, but, the reality is that Richarlison still has a lot to prove in a Spurs shirt if he’s to be seen as a successful signing.


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