Incredible! These two are so getting along.. Better days for spurs

Ange Postecoglou has only managed Tottenham for two games, but the fans already absolutely adore him.


The Australian has made a serious impression at the north London club since taking over in the summer, and it’s not just the fans who are buying into the gaffer’s philosophy.


Indeed, the Tottenham squad all seem to be absolutely on board with what Postecoglou is trying to do, and one man who has really taken to life under the new manager is Yves Bissouma.

The Malian midfielder has arguably been Man of the Match in both of Tottenham’s Premier League games so far, and according to Alasdair Gold, speaking on the Gold and Guest Talk Tottenham Podcast, the £25m midfielder absolutely loves Postecoglou already.


Bissouma loves Postecoglou

Gold shared what he knows about the midfielder and his relationship with the manager.


“Bissouma got it, and rightly so. He deserved to be in the running for it (Man of the Match), It’s scary the player he is under Postecoglou compared to Conte. He is just, it’s like someone has undone a padlock and he can be the midfielder we know he can be, and he loves Postecoglou. I love the way he talks about him. We’ve always been led to believe players are scared of Postecoglou, but for Bissouma he’s like his uncle and a loveable rogue type thing where they get on really well,” Gold said.


Can see it

Sometimes these behind the scenes updates are so obvious from the outside looking in.


Every fan can tell a mile off that Bissouma is loving life under Ange Postecoglou. He’s playing with more freedom than he ever has at Tottenham, and he genuinely can’t stop smiling on the pitch.


Postecoglou looks to have injected a new life into this Tottenham team, and Bissouma has undoubtedly been the biggest benefactor from that.


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