It was definitely tough! Expert analyzes Tottenham’s decision

Simon Jordan believes there is a “great feeling of disappointment” that Harry Kane decided to leave Tottenham, and the star striker had “better options” than Bayern Munich.

Spurs might feel Kane’s exit for some time if things don’t go right in the immediate term. When they lost Gareth Bale, for example, they did a poor job replacing him, and bringing the winger back late on in his career was their best effort at doing so.

Kane carried Tottenham last season. He scored 30 Premier League goals in a side that performed so badly they finished eighth – we may not need to imagine what would have been without him, as it could simply happen this season.

Jordan believes the striker’s decision to move to Bayern Munich was a disappointing one for Tottenham.

“I think there was a great feeling of disappointment that Harry decided to leave,” he said on talkSPORT.

“There were lots of moving parts to it and people around him were very influential in the decision. I think it is a surprise he has gone to Bayern Munich.”

The main surprise for Jordan is that Kane could easily have made a better move had he just waited another year.

“I just think there was a feeling that there was better options available to him. Economically at Tottenham, than he would be getting at Bayern Munich,” Jordan added.

“And the reality that he probably would have been in a better position in a year’s time. Putting all that to one side, I think the main thrust of it is that Tottenham need to turn a page.”

It must be said, it was a surprise Kane decided to leave England at all with the Premier League goals record in sight. It’s even more surprising considering he had a year left on his contract, and might have had his pick of sides in a year’s time.

Surely he’d have been able to stay for a year and leave afterwards without the temptation of penning a new deal during that time.

Perhaps he felt he had to rip the plaster off quickly this summer before he was romanticised into renewing his terms after another season with the club he’d been with since he was 11.

What’s more, after such a good season last term, he’ll have wanted to go to a big side while that’s still fresh, rather than waiting another year, when he’ll have moved further into his thirties.

Tottenham are in a scary but exciting position now. They’ve got money in the bank to replace Kane, if that goes right, they could have success, and if it doesn’t, they’ll simply still not win anything.






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