Shocker! Popular soccer Pundit tips Newcastle ahead of London rivals for PL trophy

Chelsea will be expecting to have a much better season than the last campaign but are they on the right track to become title winners again or have Newcastle United surpassed them?

It’s a big question that was debated by talkSPORTpundits Jamie O’Hara and Jason Cundy.

Cundy did not like the idea of Newcastle winning the PL before Chelsea

They continue to spend big and have just broken the British transfer record signing Moises Caicedo for £115million – a ludicrous amount of money for a player who has had one good season. They know they’re in trouble with the FA over FFP breaches in the Roman Abramovich days so it seems like they’re spending big now as they’re expecting a transfer ban.

Newcastle meanwhile are tiptoeing around FFP but have still managed to recruit top players that have improved the squad instantly but also have potential to get even better, so Eddie Howe‘s side could improve next season without recruiting – not that they won’t recruit, but that’s the way Howe has set up his side.

With all that in mind, Jason Cundy and Jamie O’Hara debated Chelsea’s future. O’Hara said he doesn’t feel that the current Chelsea side has what it takes to win the league going on to say: “I think you’ve had your moment. I think Newcastle will win the Premier League before Chelsea do again.”

That obviously didn’t go down well with Chelsea boy Jason Cundy who replied: “We’ll see, we’ll see.”

O’Hara fired back: “I’m telling you. It’s a fact”

Cundy couldn’t let it lie, saying: “Well Newcastle haven’t won a title or a cup for fifty five years. They’re not used to winning.”

“What do you mean? Did you see them last season?” said O’Hara.

Chelsea could potentially finish higher than Newcastle this season but it’ll not be down to being a better side as much as it is that they don’t have the distraction of European football. They have an advantage over the other top teams this year in that they don’t have those extra fixtures to contend with and can focus on the league.

Newcastle should lift the PL trophy before Chelsea do again

Mauricio Pochettino is a top, top manager but Chelsea is in such disarray right now that he’s got his work cut out for him.

On the flip side, Eddie Howe’s Newcastle are going from strength to strength and are definitely heading towards some form of silverware.

There is a very good chance that Jamie O’Hara is right and Newcastle could well lift the Premier League trophy before Chelsea do again.






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