Levy’s cluelessness to hunt Spurs again,as former spurs player urges fans choice coach to stay away from the job


For a club constantly making the top six, Tottenham have been devoid of trophies for the last 15 seasons. Despite making a League Cup final, FA Cup final and the Champions League final, they haven’t quite seemed to come close to nailing down silverware – even with the likes of Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte at the helm.

With Postecoglou next linked, many Celtic fans have laughed off the notion that he could well be the next boss despite tumbling odds at various bookmakers. And, with Spurs fan O’Hara even telling the Australian boss to avoid the mess at Spurs – despite touting him as a potential candidate for the job.

Speaking to talkSPORT, O’Hara said: “I have now come to the conclusion that we need to stop going for big-time managers. These big-time managers get the hump. It looks all shiny on the outside, you’ve got a beautiful stadium, nice facilities, and you’ve got Harry Kane playing up front.

“You think Tottenham are a big club, but when you get there, you realise the way the football club is run is not run like a big club. It’s run like a bang-average football club who is only about making money for the club and not glory moments.

So I think we need to go away from that, start like we did with Pochettino, start afresh. Start with someone like Graham Potter or Brendan Rodgers or the Celtic manager, Postecoglou.

We might not win anything, but we’re going to build the team, rebuild the team, get rid of the deadwood and start again. We go from there. Every time we keep trying to get a Mourinho or a Conte to try and win us a trophy, it just fails. We end up looking stupid.”



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