West Ham hero Knollsy compares Alkmaar hooligans to ‘little ants’ in brutal putdown

West Ham hero Chris ‘Knollsy’ Knoll has hit AZ Alkmaar hooligans with a brutal comparison after defending his fellow fans.


The 58-year-old father of four was part of a group of Hammers supporters who blocked the onrushing Alkmaar fans who attempted to attack the family section.

The hooded ultras broke a 12ft gate with stewards left powerless, with Knoll among those to create a barrier at the top of a stairwell and being left with a black eye.

Speaking in a Daily Mail interview shared by WestHamXtra, Knollsy said: “We realised that the AZ Alkmaar ultras were intent on trouble (and) we could see them coming down the side of the pitch.

“Quite a lot of them, they looked like little ants running towards us. All in their black hoodies and things like that.

I just realised that the best place to put up a defence would be at the top of the stairwell where it was almost a one on one situation.”

One fan said in response: “Do the right thing West Ham get him and the rest to the final. They protected the players family & friends!”


A second added: “He might not see himself as a hero, but in the absence of police and stewards his actions were heroic.”


A third agreed: “The guy did himself and the Hammers proud. That could have been a whole lot worse if he hadn’t held the line.”

Knollsy has insisted he isn’t a hero for his actions, mentioning the other fans who were also protecting the families that had traveled over from England.

He added that he would love to be invited to Prague to watch the final of the tournament against Fiorentina on June 7, saying it would almost make the trouble worthwhile.


Unfortunately for West Ham fans, the club has only been allocated 4,890 for the final in the 19,370 capacity Fortuna Arena.






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