Son Heung-min now reacts after hearing news coming out of Tottenham yesterday

Spurs captain says the club have ‘realistic goals’ while referring to gunning for the UCL spot over being EPL champions

Tottenham Hotspur captain Heung-min Sonsays the team isn’t dreaming of clinching the title, per Mirror. Sonny’s statements came after Tottenham’s exhilarating performance against Brighton. He says:

“We are doing our best from our position and [what is] expected of us. There are so many contenders. There are so many favourites. Man City, Liverpool is flying now. From our position, we want to give our best and at the end of the season we are where we take it.”

The South Korean international emphasized the club’s priority of securing the Champions League spot for the next season. While many believe the North Londoners to be a favourite to bring the trophy home, Son’s statements reveal a different plan brewed within the dressing room.

Huge boost for Tottenham Hotspur as their squad looks to be back in shape.
Huge boost for Tottenham Hotspur as their squad looks to be back in shape.

Son also reflected on Tottenham’s ‘never give up’ attitude by referring to their dramatic win against Brighton. However, he admits the club would prefer not to put the fans through such pressure quite often.

Humility is the mantra

The Tottenham camp is approaching the campaign with more realistic goals. Heung-min Son’s statement is a testament to the club’s priority. A few months ago, everyone, including the Spurs captain, might have hoped Tottenham to be the favourites to win the 2023/24 PL title.

Things took a drastic turn (and a wrong one) for the North London outfit from November. Injury woes, suspensions, departure of players for national duties, the list was never-ending. This ‘tough period’ virtually kicked Tottenham Hotspur out of the title race.

Ange & Co. now aims to finish among the top four teams to clinch the coveted UCL spot for the next season. However, considering the nature of English top-flight football, we cannot rule out their possibility just yet. Tottenham Hotspur are seven points behind league leaders Liverpool and only five points behind Manchester City and Arsenal.

Tottenham Hotspur desperately need the UCL spot.

With 18 games remaining, Tottenham can expect a turn of tides. All they need is a couple of slip-ups from the top-ranked teams. All these while ensuring they don’t slip at any cost. What awaits, should be interesting!